Router UPS

Our laptops are battery-powered, likewise, the modem is battery powered, but the router is not: when a power outage happens, there is no wifi only because the router is off. WIFIBER has made this the thing of the past, through the introduction of an Un-interrupted WiFi as you work, play and shop from home, with the introduction of a Router UPS, which is capable of Up to 4 hours’ power backup for your WiFi or ADSL router with inbuilt intelligent electrical safety protection circuits with battery management systems.

This piece of device is compatible with all types of Router provider by WIFIBER, which range from 5V-15V.

What makes our mini UPS so amazing? Well, have you ever had to reset your router in order to “fix” power outage? Our mini UPS does it automatically for you! Better, our Router UPS will continuously remotely monitor the health of your device. We care about the longevity of our products and are designing the devices to enhance longevity and consistency in connectivity ultimately giving you an uninterrupted connection.