What is WIFIBER FIBER Home Internet Broadband?

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) specialised in provision of Fibre Optic Broadband
to businesses, individuals, homes and organizations. We power the operations of businesses,
offices and individuals with reliable, stable and ultra-fast internet service.

How much does WIFIBER Fiber Home Internet cost?

Set up fee varies, request for your set up fee now
You will also pay a monthly subscription fee based on your preferred plan and sped (see table
below for details)
Please note that you will enjoy a free one-month initial subscription after installation.

Monthly recurrent Depends on speed requirement


Home Smart 10Mpbs ₦ 10,800.00
Home Lite 15Mbps ₦ 13,700.00
Home Max 20Mbps ₦ 19,800.00

Is there a data cap on the Home Internet service?

There are no caps on all our packages. You enjoy unlimited internet access for the duration of your subscription.

How do I get signed up to WIFIBER Internet?

Visit www.wifiber.ng/buyplan to get started. Signing up is super easy. Click this link to sign up in just a minute

Can I get WIFIBER Home Internet for my business?

No! We have various packages you can choose from for your business or organization.

Can I use the installed service elsewhere?

Your device can only be used at the location at which it was installed
Oops. Your device can only be used at the location it was installed. However, you can contact us to request a re-installation in your new location.

Can I relocate my installation?

Yes. But this is achievable when the new location is within WIFIBER fibre network.
Planning to relocate? You can inform us and we will work with you on re-installing your device at your new location provided your new location is covered in the Wifiber Fibre Network.

What is the range of signal reach within the house using WIFIBER ONU?

This is dependent on the thickness of the wall and slab confining the ONU. The ONU come
with Free range of 150m.
The Wifiber ONU comes with a free range of 150m however, the thickness of the wall and slab holding the ONU might affect the range.

What is your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)?

4 hours
We ensure that your request for repairs is honoured within 4 hours.

Can I change the Service Plan?

Yes, you can either migrate from a lower package to a higher one at any time and vice versa
Yes, you can. You can migrate from a lower package to a higher package anytime. We advise
that you wait till expiry of your subscription before migrating to a lower package.

Can I use my own router/modem?

Yes, you can attach your router to WIFIBER ONU as we have 4 port for such connection
Yes, you can attach your own router to the Wifiber ONU. The Wifiber ONU has four (4) ports
for such connections.

Can I use an existing router from another service provider?

Not acceptable as the primary router, but can be used as a signal extender if it is compatible.
You can not use a router from another service provider as your primary router but you can use such as a secondary router.

How long does installation take?

Within to 5 working days.
Between 5 to 10 working days

How can I make Payment online?

You can pay your monthly subscription online using this link.
www.portal.wifiber.ng or WIFIBER App
User Name: Your Service ID (cho000)
Password: Your Service ID (You are advised to change it after the first login)You can make payment for your monthly subscription on our user portal via this link:
www.portal.wifiber.ng or on the Wifiber Android App.

Can I use VoIP (voice over IP) with your service?

Yes, we have provision for on-net and off-net call on our network.

Can I purchase my modem that will work with your service?


Who is responsible for the equipment if it breaks down, and is there a warranty?

If the equipment gets damaged due to customers negligence such customer will be responsible
for the cost of replacement, otherwise, WIFIBER will take full responsibility.
We replace or repair the device with no cost to you. However, if the damage or fault is
ascertained to have been due to negligence or endangerment on your part, you will be bear the
cost of repair or replacement.

What is the number of devices that can connect to the ONU?

At default, the ONU can connect 32 devices wirelessly and 4 wired devices.

Do you throttle bandwidth-intensive users?


Do you have 24/7 technical support?


What additional fees can I expect?

There are no additional fees.